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Hospital Quality Indoor Air For Your Home



The Air Knight PX5 difference is amazing-  99% Mold Reduction!

The Air Knight has been designed to help eliminate problems with the indoor air quality in your home by reducing air pollutants, odors, mold, VOCs (chemical smells), smoke, viruses, and bacteria.  It is easily mounted in the ducts of your home heating and air conditioning system where problems with indoor air quality begin.

E.P.A. studies have shown that the air in our homes can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors.

When your heating and air conditioning system operates, it creates an Advanced Oxidation Process that consists of superoxide ions, hydroxide ions, and ionized hydro-peroxides.  All of these are friendly oxidizers that, after the oxidation of the pollutants in the indoor air, reverts back to oxygen and hydrogen

What is the Air Knight?

The Air Knight is a whole-home solution for air purification and is made in the USA. Air Knight is an active air purifier that actively disinfects the air throughout the entire conditioned space in your home by ridding the air you breathe inside your home of harmful pollutants.

How Does the Air Knight work?
The Air Knight air purifier uses patented technology including high-intensity ultra-violet light (UV light), water vapor in your home’s air (humidity), and a quint metallic catalyst to create vaporized hydrogen peroxide and millions of positively and negatively charged ions that are then distributed through your forced air system into the conditioned space in your home.

The vaporized hydrogen peroxides then attack the harmful pollutants in the air rendering them harmless. The vaporized hydrogen peroxides eliminate bacteria, viruses, and mold spores on contact wherever they exist in your home, in the air, and on surfaces like your countertops and doorknobs. After the pollutant is eliminated, harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules form.

The ions and vaporized hydrogen peroxides that are released also neutralize VOC’s and chemicals in the air that can irritate your respiratory system and gets rid of pesky odors, such as pet odors and odors from cooking.

The positively and negatively charged ions that are released into the home’s conditioned space can also help the air purification filters in your home’s central air system work more effectively by attracting oppositely charged microparticles to each other making them larger and easier to trap in your home’s air filtration system.

Is the Air Knight an ozone generator or an O3 machine?
The Air Knight does not inherently use ozone as a method to control indoor air quality. Though, as it uses UV bulbs, it will generate very small amounts of ozone as a byproduct. The way this is effectively controlled is by then breaking down those small amounts of ozone is into hydrogen peroxide and other friendly oxidizers. What trace amounts of ozone remain are well within safe limits as set by the EPA. This means that the Air Knight is not considered an ozone generator.

Will I smell anything?
It is important to know that the Air Knight will be changing all of the air in the conditioned space and the air will be noticeably cleaner and fresher smelling. This clean smell is not ozone, but a friendly oxidizer call Hydro-Peroxide. So you will not only be removing harmful pollutants from your air but enhancing your overall indoor air quality, scent and all.

About the Air Knight unit itself
The Air Knight is crafted from high-quality anodized aluminum. The electrical ballast is digital in order to withstand power surges and other fluctuations in your home’s power. The quint metallic core is made up of 5 noble metals, including; platinum, rhodium, titanium, copper, and silver. The UV bulb is a high quality, high output UV-C bulb.

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